Rob Jones

The Patti Smith Easter Rising live set kicks off with visceral verse and the business then heads in to overdrive as the band join their leader. As the gig unravels we are treated to a pop powerhouse while also being taken on other aural adventures. This May 9, 1978 radio mix at the Place, Eugene, Oregon has Smith firing on all sixes as her third long player Easter was also making headway (and the global hit, Because the Night, aided this cause).

The original Smith material catches a hungry artist at her prime and these tunes are joined by some well chosen cover versions. A 79 minute release on Leftfield Media makes for a concert that captures the energy and endeavour of an erudite and energetic female force. However, the supporting cast help fuel a ferocious fire e.g. just listen to the magnificent and momentous 25th Floor.

This gig unites the factors that put Patti on a pedestal as one of the premier alternative forces of the 70’s. The trio of opening studio albums (also including the never bettered Horses and the sophomore Radio Ethiopia) still stand as the greatest of the Smith career achievements. The chance to have a number of highlights from these remarkable records in a soaring stage style during the era of their initial impact is a real tonic.

Smith is still going strong as was shown by a 2015 Glastonbury outing but the original gusto of this punk pioneer is captured here in its raw rising resplendence!