By Rob Jones

In 1993 the Welsh led business Burns Pet Nutrition Limited was formed and John Burns BVMS MRCVS put his expertise to use and a range of quality food for pets has ensued. Mr. Burns is a highly respected vet who recognised that there were an ongoing series of pet problems that needed to be addressed and that required improvements in their respective diets.

Burns Real Food for dogs, cats and rabbits have developed in to: Simple edible goods which aim to allow the body to function naturally. All of these pet foods are made from the highest quality ingredients and without any pharmacologically active supplements. The products aim to let the body get on with what it does best: Maintain and repair its functioning components and prevent deterioration of the organ systems.

Burns pet food uses whole grains and high quality animal proteins. This makes the food highly digestible; and that means feeding amounts are comparatively low and the subsequent daily feeding cost is equally economical.

The positive outcome of John Burns’s industry has spread far and wide and his caring ethos has travelled well beyond his initial aspirations. As a result the Burns business has helped many individuals and organisations with their altruistic generosity. Burns Pet Nutrition has always received incredible community support and in return this kind organisation returns the favour by offering help that can provide a chance for people and pets to achieve their goals.

Alongside financial assistance from their charitable trust the Burns Foundation, this forward thinking company also shares its resources and skills. Such a philanthropic stance becomes especially apparent in the areas of conservation, the countryside, education and pets.

As regards education a beneficiary of Burns aid is World of Words (WOW). WOW is a non-profit social organisation with a constitution and management committee. This group has run in Rhondda Cynon Taff since July 2011 and (in its former formats of Only Boys Allowed and Only Girls Allowed since January 2009). WOW uses the mediums of literacy and language to assist children aged 5-11 years; and, the wish to develop self esteem and confidence amongst its young members is paramount.

Another productive year for World of Words has just closed with another industrious 12 months set to follow. Over 2100 children have participated in WOW over eight different years and 19 schools have also participated during this period. All of the WOW work comes through fundraising and their endeavour also goes beyond the classroom as families are offered ‘free’ opportunities and days out.

Recent incentives enjoyed by WOW kids and their adult accompaniment have included: A trip to Cardiff Castle; Wales soccer tickets for games against Andorra and Holland; a chance to be mascots for Pontypridd RFC; admission to Newport Dragons v Ulster; and, Rumble in the Jungle playscheme passes. Future attractions are: Pantomime tickets; entrance to Newport County, Scarlets and Cardiff Blues matches; plus, there are other irons are in the fire.

Burns has played a crucial role in the development of our future generations, and their £500 donation for 2016 is a real tonic to the aspirations of WOW. WOW has been delighted with the backing offered by the Burns Foundation in previous years but their current contribution has surpassed all expectations. The innovative RCT initiative is extremely grateful to Mr. Burns and his associates. Thanks!

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